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Sway’s New Feature COVID-19 Screening with Q&A (Pre-Recorded)

June 17, 2020 3:00 pm ET

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Sway is built on a foundation of innovation. When the coronavirus pandemic began to change our way of life, we responded quickly with telemedicine features to allow our customers to easily test and track patients remotely. Since our last release, we have been sprinting to bring more solutions to our customers to address the reality of a return to sports this summer and fall. We are excited to announce COVID-19 symptom screening coming to the Sway platform next month. This feature will allow your athletes to quickly screen for standard COVID-19 symptoms and manually input their temperature at home, before coming to campus.Register to learn more about Sway’s COVID-19 Screening Feature. If you would like more details on the new COVID-19 screening features, you can learn more on our website or attend our COVID-19 Screening Q&A webinar this week to get more information. Thank you for your support and we look forward to continuing to bring innovative mobile solutions to you and your team! Chase Curtiss, CEO/Founder

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Sway is a mobile medical device changing the way balance and cognitive function are assessed, providing rapid objective measures and symptom tracking on the sideline and in clinic on almost any device.

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