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Sway Sports Testing System with App

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COVID-19 Screening

The coronavirus pandemic has created tremendous challenges for getting back to school and sports while limiting virus exposure. Sway’s COVID-19 screening tool allows athletic trainers to schedule regular remote screenings for athletes to report their symptoms and temperature before coming on campus.

Athlete Screening

Regular screening is easy with Sway’s new COVID-19 screening features. Athletes receive a daily push notification to input symptoms and record their temperature to identify possible cases before coming on campus.

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Push Notification

Receive alert at scheduled time to input symptoms.

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Symptom Screening

Indicate yes or no on standard CDC COVID-19 symptoms.

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Temperature Check

Input temperature to determine potential fever.

COVID-19 Management

Easily set up regular check-in schedules for your athletes to screen before arriving on site. Receive alerts immediately when an athlete indicates they are experiencing symptoms or has a higher than normal temperature. Simple status icons in your Sway app make it easy to identify those that have not completed their screening.

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COVID-19 Screening Flagged

Alerts admin if symptoms are recorded or temp over 100.4.

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COVID-19 Screening Missed

Indicates athlete did not complete scheduled screening.

Add Covid Screening

If you would like to add COVID-19 screening to your existing Sway system, please contact our support team by emailing support@swaymedical.com. COVID-19 screening is included in all Sway systems.

For new Sway customers, contact our sales team by emailing sales@swaymedical.com to discuss options for setting up a new Sway account or see pricing below.

The COVID-19 screening feature is not available in Australia.