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Sway Sports Cognitive Test

Sway test for reaction time

Cognitive Testing

The Sway System allows you to accurately assess cognitive function with quick and easy tests of visual processing, reaction time and memory. With Sway’s patented technology, you get a quick snap shot of key cognitive measures anywhere you want to test.

sway reaction time touch delay

Reaction Time

Reaction time is a measure of visual processing and neuromotor function. Sway’s patented simple reaction time test allows for accurate measures of simple reaction time stimulus recognition and processing, followed by the initiation of a neuromotor response.

sway reaction time touch delay

Impulse Control

Impulse control is a measure of response inhibition, the ability to quickly process information and initiate the correct response. Impulse control is measured through go/no-go tests, which include go trials requiring a timed response and no-go trials, where the user should inhibit a response.

sway reaction time touch delay

Inspection Time

Inspection time is a measure of visual information processing speed, measured by testing the ability to identify a simple stimulus presented at different time intervals. The shortest time interval required to visually identify the physical characteristics of a stimulus is the inspection time.

sway reaction time touch delay


The memory test includes both working memory and delayed recall tests. The delayed recall tests displays a 3 letter sequence for the user to memorize and recall after a distraction period. The working memory test requires the user memorize a growing sequence of squares to determine their ability to quickly store and recall information.

sway memory test


All Sway tests undergo rigorous validation with high-speed cameras and third party validation against gold standards. High speed cameras capture test accuracy to one milisecond, providing the highest level of accuracy available in mobile cognitive testing.

sway validation


Cognitive testing on a mobile device typically leverages touch detection, which use projected-capacitive touch screens. Touch is detected through a cyclical “searching”, which presents concerns over consistency across devices and variable latency cycles depending on when the touch event occurred in the cycle. Sway’s patented motion measures provide more accurate measures that are consistent across iOS and Android.

Medical Device

Sway Cognitive is classified as a FDA Class II computerized cognitive assessment aid intended to provide an interpretation of the current level of cognitive function of an individual based on a battery of cognitive tasks. Sway Cognitive does not identify the presence or absence of clinical diagnoses, and is not intended as a stand-alone or adjunctive diagnostic device. Sway Cogntiive may only be used under the supervision of a practitioner licensed by law to direct its use.