Sway Sports Symptom Tracking App with Mass Baseline

Sway mass baseline

Mass Baseline Testing

Establishing a baseline has never been easier. No more outdated computer labs, just mobile devices your athletes already own. Sway’s baseline sessions and baseline reset features make it easy to test an entire team in a matter of minutes and easily manage those athletes from year to year.

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Session Code

Sway makes it easy to test an entire team in just minutes. Simply create a baseline session code from the mobile app or portal and any iOS device can be securely used to create a new profile or re-baseline with an existing profile.

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Create a Code

Select the group and protocol for your baseline session.

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Smart Match

Automatically link to an existing profile within your organization.

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Baseline Procedure

Users are guided through establishing their baseline scores.

Calculation Reset

Managing your profiles has never been easier. Sway allows users to reset baseline scores to remove outdated tests after an injury or for a new school year. Using the mobile device or portal, users can update baseline scores to reflect only the most relevant tests.