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The Sway System combines objective balance and reaction time measures, aiding healthcare professionals in performing accurate and informed evaluations with nothing more than the mobile device you already own. Sway provides the tools healthcare professionals need, when they need them, without expensive and immobile equipment. Our platform is supported by a certified quality system for mobile medical device applications, engaging a dynamic, state-of-the-art software development process which includes continuous user/customer involvement on a HIPAA secure cloud infrastructure.


Sway pioneered mobile balance testing with our patent pending technology that uses nothing more than the mobile sensors built in to the device you already own. Sway’s balance product allows healthcare professionals to administer a medical grade balance test in virtually any setting.

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Reaction Time

Sway’s patent pending algorithms measure reaction time in response to a user’s movement of a mobile device. The built-in motion sensors of the mobile device assist in identifying the earliest intentional movement as a response to a stimulus, a more accurate measure of reaction time than touch screen or computerized testing.


Sway allows for in-depth reporting with dynamic digital or printed reports of each patient. Healthcare professionals use Sway reports to provide feedback to patients other providers, to track progress for reimbursement and to better manage outcomes.

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