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Plan Comparison

No more per test pricing, buy a patient profile and test at every visit

$5.99 $9.99 $14.99
Unlimited Testing
Pay once for a patient profile and test at every visit
Symptom Tracking
Patients input their concussion symptoms from home
Remote Testing
For telemedicine office visits and at home testing
Flexible Test Selection
Administer an entire protocol or individual test type
COVID-19 Screenings NEW
Remote screenings for symptom and temp tracking
*Not available in Australia
Balance Test
mBESS protocol using any IOS or Android device
Simple Reaction Time
Measure visual processing and neuromotor function
Inspection Time
Measure of visual information processing speed
Impulse Control
Measure of response inhibition
Tests both working memory and delayed recall
Connect to Schools
Connect to local schools and sports teams systems
Telemedicine Support
Advanced Level Support for Healthcare Providers
$249 Annual Fee