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Concussion Management
Balance System
FDA Cleared Objective Data


Precise measurement improves medical decision making.

Concussion and Return-To-Play (RTP) protocols have traditionally relied on computerized cognitive tests blended with subjective balance testing. Sway’s proprietary technology converts the BESS protocol to an objective, unbiased measurement. Sway Balance is both FDA and Health Canada cleared as a medical device, for medical professional use. Sway Balance creates reports to analyze, compare, document and track the athlete’s balance, motion reaction time and concussion symptoms.


Description Profile Tests Amount
Medical System (includes all Sway Protocols)
Annual Subscription (includes 1 Administrative User and 15 Profiles)
Unlimited $249.00

Medical Profiles Per Profile Cost
15-99 $7.50 $9.49 $9.64 $6.22
100-499 $6.00 $7.59 $7.71 $4.98
500-999 $5.00 $6.32 $6.43 $4.15
1000+ Quote

Each additional user add $50

Sway Testing in the Australia Sway Testing in the European Union

Cleared Medical Device for US, Canada, Australia, and European Countries


Administer objective tests in any environment and share results with other approved User Accounts.

Cloud Based

Immediate access from any location to computer portal and mobile app Athletic Profile data.


Developed under an ISO 13485 compliant Quality Management System to ensure accuracy and repeatability.


Built around established protocols modified to work with a mobile interface. Rapid test times of 2 minutes each.

Valid & Reliable

FDA and Health Canada cleared medical device. Peer–reviewed and published data.


Protecting your data through compliance with HIPAA, HITECH and FERPA standards.


Minimal dollars annually per Athletic Profile. Sway does not charge by the test.

Access Control

Immediate access to profile data via secure computer portal or mobile app.