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Sway Medical Reaction Time

Reaction time is a measure of sensory and neuromotor function that encompasses stimulus recognition and processing followed by the initiation of a neuromotor response. Reaction time can be tested with varying levels of difficulty in the sensory phase, or the neuromotor response phase. The Simple… More »

Smartphone Sensitivity in Objective Balance Testing

Entrusted with player health and safety, athletic trainers and clinicians rely on their education, training and the latest information to make one of the toughest calls faced on the field – the call to put a player back in the game after a big hit.… More »

Sway Balance Scoring & BESS Comparison

Sway BalanceTM is a mobile software system that uses the built-in motion detection of a mobile device to measure postural sway.  Postural sway is an important indicator of possible balance deficits. Dysfunctional balance is one of the least effectively evaluated symptoms of neurological conditions, concussion… More »