Sway Sports Reaction Time Test

Sway test for reaction time

What is Reaction Time?

Reaction time is a measure of how quickly you can identify a signal and produce a response.

Reaction time is an analysis sensory and neuromotor function that encompasses stimulus recognition and processing, followed by the initiation of a neuromotor response.

Sway reaction time process

Motion Reaction Time

Sway’s proprietary algorithms measure reaction time in response to a user’s movement of a mobile device. The built-in motion sensors of the mobile device assist in identifying the earliest intentional movement as a response to a stimulus. Sway’s Simple Reaction Time is a significant step in bringing accurate cognitive testing to a mobile device.

Sway reaction time test

Touch Reaction Time

Cognitive testing on a mobile device typically replaces the keyboard or mouse in computerized models with the touch screen of a tablet or mobile phone. Mobile devices use projected-capacitive touch screens, which detect touch through a cyclical “searching” for a touch event. This presents concerns over consistency across devices and variable latency cycles depending on when the touch event occurred in the cycle.

sway reaction time touch delay

Motion vs. Touch Response Time

Motion Time

Sway Stimulus Presented

Stimulus Presented

Sway Device Motion

Device Motion

1ms - 5ms
Sway Signal to OS

Signal to OS

0 < 10ms

Touch Time

Sway Stimulus Presented

Stimulus Presented

Sway Finger Touch

Finger Touches Screen

15ms - 30ms
Sway Detect Touch

Capacitive Field Detects Touch

20ms - 50ms
Sway Signal to OS

Signal to OS

0 < 10ms


Sway’s motion reaction time test has been evaluated in multiple published journal articles, showing high test-retest reliability.


Sway’s reaction time tests have been validated with high speed video cameras, the gold standard for reaction time testing. High speed camera validation demonstrates the accuracy of Sway’s motion reaction time test.

Medical Device

Sway Reaction Time is classified as a FDA Class II computerized cognitive assessment aid intended to provide an interpretation of the current level of cognitive function of an individual based on a battery of cognitive tasks. Sway Reaction Time does not identify the presence or absence of clinical diagnoses, and is not intended as a stand-alone or adjunctive diagnostic device. Sway Reaction Time may only be used under the supervision of a practitioner licensed by law to direct its use.

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