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Sway balance test

Meet the Next Generation of Objective Balance Testing

Sway Balance is an FDA-cleared mobile balance testing system that reinvents the way patients and athletes are monitored for signs of balance-related dysfunction.

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Sway Balance measures stability using the built in motion sensors of any iOS mobile device to quantify postural sway. While the device is pressed against the chest, a proprietary motion analysis algorithm calculates stability and provides an easy to understand value on a 100 point scale with 100 being completely stable and 0 being unstable.

The Latest Score displayed is taken from the test most recently completed. The Overall Score is comprised of the statistical mean of all previous test scores and serves as a baseline or control that can be compared against the latest score to detect change.

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510(k) FDA Clearance

Sway Balance is a medical device and received 510(k) clearance by the Food and Drug Administration and is intended for use by qualified professionals to assess sway as an indicator of balance.

Clinical Studies

Verified as reliable and valid in extensive product verification and comparison studies. Explore the science behind our breakthrough technology and discover how we fare against the gold standard.

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