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Sway Balance measures stability using the built-in motion sensors of any iOS mobile device to quantify postural sway. While the device is pressed against the chest, a proprietary motion analysis algorithm calculates stability and provides an easy to understand value on a 100 point scale with 100 being completely stable and 0 being unstable.

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Strong test-retest reliability found with Sway Balance System.

Accuracy and consistency are both critical to the value of Sway‘s balance product. Reliability was shown in clinical studies analyzing test-retest variability in independent research studies of 30, 57 and 75 subjects. These results demonstrated strong test-retest reliability after an initial familiarization trial.


Established as a valid software for objective balance testing.

Validity was established through the evaluation of the software in progressively more difficult balance conditions as well as during balance testing on foam pads of varying density. Results were consistent with the hypothesis that the more unstable the assessment the lower the balance score compared to more stable conditions. For each measure, as the balance task became progressively more difficult, the Sway’s balance product recorded a significant (p > 0.003) decrease in the balance score.

Force Platform Comparison

At least as sensitive as traditional force platform.

Sway's balance product has been shown to be at least as accurate as scores collected with force platform technology, the current market gold standard in postural sway assessment. Sway provided more accuracy in differentiating between balance conditions and showed within-subject significant differences between foam and no-foam conditions in stable (two foot) and less stable (single foot) conditions. The force platform did not show significance between the same conditions.

BESS Comparison

Strong test-retest reliability found with Sway Balance System.

The Sway Balance assessment has shown strong agreement (r > 0.83) with the Balance Error Scoring System (BESS) in determining an individual’s level of balance. The BESS test has been shown to correlate with force-platform technology as an effective means of testing balance as part of injury assessment. The objective nature of a standardized Sway protocol provides a more comparable score, without the inherent bias of the test administrator and the low inter-rater reliability seen through interclass coefficient (ICC) scores typically associated with BESS. Sway is an effective sideline tool due to its objective metrics, simple user interface and the time it takes to complete a test..

Sway BESS Comparison

Medical Device

Sway Balance is classified as a FDA cleared Class II medical device. Sway Balance is intended for use to assess sway as an indicator of balance. Individual suitability for assessment must be judged on a case by case basis, by a qualified individual including those certified and/or licensed in their state to prescribe and/or use balance devices such as certified athletic trainers and coaches, physical therapists, nurses and physicians.

Sway Balance is a medical device and should only be administered with a full understanding of the testing procedure in a controlled environment on a flat, hard surface to ensure test repeatability. Sway Balance does not identify the presence or absence of clinical diagnoses, and is not intended as a stand-alone or adjunctive diagnostic device.

Sway Balance is contraindicated for balance assessment of hospitalized patients and individuals with compromised balance.

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